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Ganadores Catch a Star 2016

12 de enero de 2017

This is the list of the winners of Catch a Star 2016. Click on the Title of the Project to have access to the work presented by the students.

We are kindly asking the leaders of the teams to send a correct and complete address for receiving of the contest prizes to the following email (Veselka Radeva - Coordinator of Catch a Star): veselka.radeva@gmail.com

An astronomer from the National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen will get in touch with you to organize and conduct remote observations.


First place

The lost planet

Team: Andrea Moral Suárez, Natalia Serrano López, Ana Sánchez Díez
Teacher: José María Díaz Fuentes
Learning center: "Santo Domingo Savio" Salesian School, 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)
Contact: José María Díaz Fuentes
E-mail: josemaria.diazfuentes@gmail.com


Second place

Life on Mars

Team: Daniel Vilda Rodríguez, Daniel Sayad Pérez Peréz e Iván Rodríguez Lozano
Teacher: Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios, Alicia Cuesta Haro
Collaborator: Beatriz Gijón Francis
Contact: Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios
Email: maqueiruga@gmail.com


Third place

Dark Matter In The Classroom

Team: Simona Stoyanova, Ognyan Simeonov
Teacher: Aneta Marinova
Foreign Language High School “Nikola Vaptsarov”
Shumen, Bulgaria
Contact: Aneta Marinova
Email: aneta_marinova@abv.bg


Fourth place

Study of the movement of the sun through the analysis of a shade 

Team: Dulce Abenza Ros, Francisco Cutillas Sandoval, Jorge Rodríguez Garrido 
Teacher: Francisco Domingo González Férez
IES Romano García
Calle Maestro José Antonio Sillas, 2,
30562 Lorquí, Murcia
Contact: Encarna Isabel Gómez Campoy 
Email: encarnaisabel@gmail.com